They braved the snowstorm

Thanks to the hearty souls who braved the snowstorm to attend Humane Lobby Day at the Minnesota Capitol on March 5, 2013!
The event, cohosted by Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection and the Humane Society of the United States, was an opportunity for citizens to come to the Capitol, get a briefing on some issues before the MN Legislature and to meet with their state senator and state representative.

Sen Pappas with HSUS’s Howard Goldman, MVAP’s Christine Coughlin, and Humane Lobby Day participants

Senator Sandy Pappas stopped by Humane Lobby Day to offer tips on lobbying and to let us know how much simple things, like sending a hand-written note to your elected officials, can help build a good relationship with your state representatives and ultimately affect the legislative process.

Several participants shared their successes with their legislators: one helped his representative make the connection between her companion animals and dogs and cats in breeding facilities; another remarked that in the few years he has been attending Humane Lobby Day his state representative has steadily taken stronger stands on pro-animal legislation; and another remarked that her legislator had invited her out for coffee to discuss the issues further.

Humane Lobby Day participant with Senator Hoffman

One-on-one conversations are a potentially powerful way to make an impact on legislators and participants at Humane Lobby Day were an effective force for helping build the case that our laws should reflect humane values and offer decent protections for animals.

Thanks to our volunteers!

Read more about Humane Lobby Day in the Examiner here.


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