Help with elections!

Key to passing laws to protect animals is making sure we have humane candidates elected to office, and you can help make this happen! This fall we have been pitching in to help two especially deserving candidates, Representative Sandy Masin and Audrey Britton. See below. MVAP will be door knocking with Representative […]

Caucus on Feb 4, 2014

Make an impact for animals on Tues Did you know? Minnesota’s harmful ag-gag bill was introduced in 2011. In 2012, thanks to the dedicated work of many supporters, the DFL took a strong stance and adopted an official position against ag-gag legislation in Minnesota, stating: “[we] oppose the criminalization of undercover investigations in Agri­business that […]

Ag-gag update

Update on a National Movement that Threatens Food Safety and Freedom of the Press while Perpetrating the Criminal Abuse of Animals June, 2013    Ag-gag bills are part of a national effort by agribusiness groups to pass laws that make it difficult or impossible to expose inhumane or illegal behavior at […]

Take action- Family Fun Circus

Family Fun Circus coming to the Moorhead Center Mall July 30-31, 2011 Summer in Minnesota means lots of traveling animal circuses. Most of these circuses are small, and many of them lease their animals from questionable exhibitors. As these circuses crisscross our state, we can help protect the animals in […]

Update on dog and cat breeder bill

Status update for S.F. 36 / H.F. 84 (Senator John Marty / Representative John Lesch) Thank you for your calls, emails, and talking with legislators.    March 19, 2013– A hearing on the dog and cat breeder bill was not granted in the House Agriculture Committee. Because no hearing was held, the policy committee deadline […]

Research dogs and cats bill passes Senate Higher Ed

On March 12, 2013, the Minnesota Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee, chaired by Senator Bonoff, unanimously passed SF 1164. The bill proposes that any research institution that receives state support must offer dogs and cats who have been used for testing purposes and who would otherwise be euthanized, if research does not require […]

Felony animal cruelty charges at Bells Kennel

16 felony counts of animal cruelty charged at Bells Kennel near Northfield, MN HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) – A Northfield, Minn. woman has been charged with 16 felony counts of animal cruelty after being accused of drowning dogs — both puppies and adults — and putting their corpses into her freezer. According […]

Petition to oppose ‘ag-gag’ legislation

Simply sign petition below, and we’ll print and deliver your petition to your State Senator and State Representative at the Minnesota Capitol. During the 2011-2012 legislative session, a bill was introduced in the Minnesota Legislature that would make it a crime to videotape and to possess and show footage shot […]

CNN: Agriculture industry pushes filming ban

April 15, 2011 Breaking news from CNN: Agriculture industry pushes filming ban Sign the online petition here to keep humane undercover investigations legal in MN

Senate panel passes bill targeting state’s coyotes

Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN February 15, 2011 Coyotes beware: The Legislature is taking aim at you. A proposal to allow counties and townships to offer a bounty for killing coyotes easily cleared a Senate panel Monday, passing by a 10 to 1 vote. The legislation, which still has several hurdles […]