Pets in Orders for Protection

Pets in orders for protection- Passed this year! The pets in orders for protection bill, SF 838/ HF 1396 was rolled into a domestic violence omnibus bill, SF 2437, which passed the legislature and was signed into law by Governor Pawlenty on May 10, 2010. In domestic violence situations, abusing […]

Wolf Season

In 2014 two provisions that protect wolves were included in the Game and Fish Bill that was signed into law: required quarterly reporting of wolf deaths; and a doubling of the penalty for a repeat offense of wolf poaching. 2014- End of Session Read the final Game and Fish Bill here. […]

2015 Dog-Safe Trapping

Dog-safe trapping legislation has been introduced and is making progress in the Minnesota Legislature. Senate File 1325, authored by Senator Hoffman and its companion, House File 1655, authored by Representative Fischer, require body-gripping traps be set in such a way as to protect dogs from being accidentally caught and killed. MVAP […]

Minnesota ag-gag bill has died

On May 10, 2012, the Minnesota Legislature adjourned, marking the end of the 2011-2012 biennium. Minnesota’s ‘ag-gag’ bill was introduced in April 2011, but did not progress during the biennium. Strong opposition, from many sectors in Minnesota, contributed to the demise of this legislation. Undercover investigations will not be banned in Minnesota […]

Bills affecting wolves

The Minnesota Legislature adjourned on May 10, 2012, ending the 2011-2012 biennium. Below is information regarding federal and state actions affecting wolves in Minnesota, including the recent authorization for a public wolf hunting season in Minnesota to begin fall 2012. Please see below for details on the federal delisting of […]

Horse Slaughter

Horse Slaughter- FAILED! In 2009-2010 the Minnesota Legislature considered a pro-horse slaughter resolution, SF 133/HF 840, but the bill failed to become law. Though it passed the Senate in 2009, it failed to pass the House in 2010. It’s good news that Minnesota’s Legislature did not pass this resolution; the […]

Save the date! Humane Lobby Day is March 19, 2014

Save the date! Humane Lobby Day is March 19, 2014 Would you like to speak up for Minnesota’s animals? Save the date!  Humane Lobby Day is a chance to let your state legislators know that animal issues matter to you and that you’d like them to support animal protection legislation. […]

Take action to protect undercover humane investigations

The Minnesota Legislature adjourned May 23, 2011. The bill banning undercover video taken at animal facilities did not pass this year. It is still able to be heard or amended onto other bills next year – 2012- when the Legislature reconvenes. April 2011- Two bills have been introduced in the […]

Suspend Minnesota’s recreational wolf hunt

Minnesota’s recreational wolf hunt Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection believes that public policies should protect animals, not endanger them or cause unnecessary suffering. In collaboration with the Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club North Star Chapter, The Humane Society of the United States, and the Minnesota Humane Society, MVAP supports […]

Puppy and Kitten Mill Petition

Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies and kittens in the United States, with some of the largest puppy and kitten mills in the nation. Learn more about the issue here. The State of Minnesota does not license or regulate this multi-million dollar industry. Due to this lack of oversight, […]