Humane Scorecards

Recording and scoring the votes of our elected representatives in the Minnesota Legislature is crucial to ensuring their accountability to those they represent. Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection tracks all legislation affecting animals, issues action alerts when necessary, and records and scores votes taken on animal issues.

Our Humane Scorecard is the first of its kind in the state! We’re delighted to publish this every two years, so the humane community may use it as a resource. Let your legislators know you’re watching what they do and that you care how they vote on animal issues.

Also important is that you share this scorecard with others you know. There are hundreds of Minnesotans working tirelessly in the rescue communities and animal advocacy communities who should see how their legislators voted. Forward this along to your friends and family. Encourage them to support MVAP as we work to change the political landscape that allows unnecessary suffering for animals in Minnesota.

Our goal is to get these scorecards into the hands of all Minnesotans who are concerned with animal protection. Please help us achieve our goal- consider making a donation to help us cover our outreach costs, or consider volunteering your time and talents to bring this important information to others in the humane community.


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