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Key to passing laws to protect animals is making sure we have humane candidates elected to office, and you can help make this happen! This fall we have been pitching in to help two especially deserving candidates, Representative Sandy Masin and Audrey Britton. See below.

Door-Knocking-2MVAP will be door knocking with Representative Masin and Audrey Britton, and we would love to have your help. Door knocking for animals is easy and fun. Have no fear! Here’s a simple how to: Door Knocking for Animals.

Representative Sandy Masin- Saturday, October 25, 11:00 a.m.

Sandy currently represents district 51A, which includes parts of Eagan and Burnsville. We will be meeting at 4555 Erin Drive, suite 260, in Eagan. If you are able to attend, please rsvp to Kathryn Quam at:

Audrey Britton- Monday, October 27, 5:30 p.m.

Audrey Britton is running against incumbent Sarah Anderson in district 44A, which covers Plymouth. We will be meeting at 12500 53rd Ave N, Plymouth. If you are able to attend, please rsvp to Janice Tweet at:

Whether you’re new to door knocking, or you go out every fall, we’d love to have you join us to support these candidates. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Masin-174x300Representative Sandy Masin has been a steady friend to the animals in the MN Legislature and needs our support in a tough race.

Representative Sandy Masin is running for reelection in District 51A in Burnsville and Eagan. Campaign website is here.  In the 2013-2014 legislative session she was a coauthor on the dog and cat breeder regulation bill (that was signed into law in 2014!) and a coauthor on the bill to reinstate the five year moratorium on the wolf season. She received a score of 75% on MVAP’s 2013-2014 Humane Scorecard and a perfect score (100%) on MVAP’s 2009-2010 Humane Scorecard for her consistent votes for animal protection. She also opposes ag-gag legislation and would like to see the end of “puppy mills” in Minnesota.


Audrey Britton has clearly and consistently spoken up for animals and is challenging an incumbent in a close race.

Audrey Britton is running to represent District 44A in the Plymouth area. While the incumbent she is challenging, Representative Sarah Anderson, received a mere 25% on MVAP’s 2013-2014 Humane Scorecard, Audrey lobbied during the legislative session in support of the dog and cat breeder regulation bill and has spoken out against wolf hunting and trapping. She has clearly and consistently spoken up for animals during her campaigns for office and would no doubt be a strong protector of animals if elected to the MN Legislature. Audrey’s campaign website is here.


                                      Walking with Audrey in the Plymouth Parade Sept 2014



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