Caucus on Feb 4, 2014

Make an impact for animals on Tues

Did you know?

Minnesota’s harmful ag-gag bill was introduced in 2011. In 2012, thanks to the dedicated work of many supporters, the DFL took a strong stance and adopted an official position against ag-gag legislation in Minnesota, stating: “[we] oppose the criminalization of undercover investigations in Agri­business that expose animal cruelty, food safety, and environmental issues.”

This is powerful and influential action that happens because dedicated advocates make the commitment and take the time to get involved politically at the local level.

BeagleYou can help get more animal-friendly resolutions like this passed. Here’s how.

On Tuesday, February 4th, attend a caucus of your political party.

In Minnesota, decision-making starts at the precinct caucus level. A caucus is simply a gathering of like-minded people interested in policy change, held to begin the process of selecting candidates for the 2014 election as well as to establish policy positions that move the political process to an ever brighter level.  Your caucus is the first opportunity to affect the process by dibbleattending, discussing platform issues, and introducing resolutions.

Senator Scott Dibble encourages activists to show up: “Caucuses are a key opportunity for you to play an important role in deciding public policy.  I encourage activists to take a stand for animals and to participate in our democracy.”

At your caucus you will have an opportunity to introduce a resolution.

Consider introducing a resolution that offers dogs and cats used in research an opportunity to be put up for adoption into a loving home.
 Download the resolution here.

Supported by our friends at Beagle Freedom Project, this resolution endorses a bill that is up for consideration by the Minnesota Legislature, and states simply that [we]: “Support legislation that ensures all dogs and cats in state-funded university research institutions are offered up for public adoptions through animal rescue organizations instead of being euthanized at the end of non-terminal experiments.”

More and more animal advocates are attending their caucuses- join the movement and plan to attend one yourself this year!

See you on February 4th!


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