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94% Animals hatched from eggs :

This is a stat that appeared in a game called 94%, where players should find most common answers to this topic :”Animals Hatched From Eggs”. The answers provided were Bird 66 % Snake 10 % Turtle 8 % Crocodile 6 % Lizard 2 % Fish 2 % Comforting ! people […]

Minnesota ag-gag bill

Minnesota’s ‘ag-gag’ bill was introduced in 2011 but did not progress during the biennium. Strong opposition, from many sectors in Minnesota, contributed to its demise. Continued vigilance is important, as ag-gag bills continue to be introduced in states around the country. Undercover investigations will not be banned in Minnesota Thank […]

Legislative wrap up 2009-2010

The 2009-2010 biennium yielded some noticeable wins for the animals and a few losses as well. While this wrap up doesn’t include a report on all animal bills at the Minnesota State Legislature for the past two years, it highlights a few key ones. Remember that Minnesota Voters for Animal […]

Dog and cat breeding in Minnesota

Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies in the United States, with some of the largest puppy/kitten mills in the nation. Minnesota does not regulate this multi-million dollar industry, resulting in harm and suffering to animals. Sign our petition now. Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection is one of scores of […]

Humane Lobby Day 2012 a success!

On February 28, 2012, almost 60 citizens gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol to participate in Humane Lobby Day! Co-sponsored by Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection, The Humane Society of the United States, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it was a fun and energizing […]

Additional ways to help

Additional ways to help Here are even more ways to help stop the bills that will make humane undercover investigations illegal in Minnesota: Sign the online petition here. Forward to friends and family. Check out the media articles on the bills here. Contact the local reporters and news outlets and […]

They braved the snowstorm

Thanks to the hearty souls who braved the snowstorm to attend Humane Lobby Day at the Minnesota Capitol on March 5, 2013! The event, cohosted by Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection and the Humane Society of the United States, was an opportunity for citizens to come to the Capitol, get […]

Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection

Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection Home About MVAP Issues & Legislation Watch List 2013-2014 2015 Dog-Safe Trapping Legislative Wrap Up 2013-2014 Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Dog-Safe Trapping Wolf Season Beagle Freedom Bill Antibiotics on Factory Farms Legislative Wrap Up 2011-2012 Watch List 2011-2012 Legislative Wrap Up 2012 Legislative wrap […]

Legislative Wrap Up 2013-2014

Minnesota Legislature 2013-2014 Biennium This was an exciting biennium for animal protection in Minnesota! The second year, 2014, two pro-animal pieces of legislation were signed into law: The Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Law and The Beagle Freedom Law. Read about these and other legislative efforts to protect animals in […]

Update on Minnesota ag-gag bill

Update Fall, 2011 BACKGROUND – MINNESOTA “AG-GAG” BILL 2011 LEGISLATIVE SESSION During Minnesota’s 2011 state legislative session, a bill was introduced in the House and Senate which would criminalize the act of “blowing the whistle” on animal cruelty, food safety problems, or labor abuses inside animal facilities by making it […]